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Udai Niwas is a small, boutique, family run property with six well-appointed rooms and ample space to relax and rejuvenate. The Courtyard, Beautiful Verandahs and large open terrace, give the travellers more than just an accommodation. The architecture and the interiors are a perfect blend of the vintage and contemporary. The Property is located in the very heart of Bikaner, with close proximity to open Gardens, Museum, the Fort and markets; It also has ample parking space in front. The quiet area of Civil Lines has an auditorium, a jogging track & a walking path lined with trees, a museum and a public library right opposite Udai Niwas. The property has been named after Maj. Udai Singh, a very fine Indian Army Officer and a cousin of the erstwhile ruling family of Bikaner.

The Abode

The family run property is a 40 year old structure built by Chitralekha Kumari wife of Late Maj Udai Singh. The place was renovated recently when her children decided to move back to their ancestral town and open it up for visitors. There are two sections. In the front, it houses Cafe Indra and in the rear it has a private courtyard with verandahs and six Guest Rooms and a section where the family resides. The architecture is traditional Indian Architecture with beams and pillars and reflects the local art, the colonial influence, the regal background of the family and the rich culture of the country. There are open spaces to sit around in leisure, reading areas with a lot of books, indoor games, the family is ready to help you in case any assistance is required. Common facilities of a refrigerator, microwave, Ironing, laundry, and local assistance, wifi, are readily available to the guests


The courtyard with traditional brick flooring is a perfect place for some leisure time. The arrangements in every nook and corner which the host constantly changes and updates makes the place very lively and inviting.

The verandahs outside the rooms are opening on to the terrace with comfortable seats..The walls are decked up with old photographs of the family and their ancestors. Each picture tells a wonderful story which the family is ready to share with their guests.

The family's old furniture has been preserved and used in verandahs and rooms and curios collected over the year are displayed in beautiful arrangements.

The Common Dining area and lounge used by the family as well as the guests is a great place to spend some quality time with the family over meals, hearing their stories , reading books or listening to some old melodies.


Each of the fully furnished rooms has a large airy en-suite washroom with hot water. Television with satellite Channels, and vintage wooden furniture. All rooms have air-conditioners for summers and room heaters on request in winters. The linen and supplies for each room have been handpicked for the guests. All rooms have been marked as non smoking rooms.


Bikaner The Desert Kingdom

The Kingdom of Bikaner was founded in 15th Century by the young prince of Jodhpur, Rao Bika and nurtured by the generations that ruled it for six centuries. The city over the years became a rich centre of trade and learning. The Business families from Bikaner have spread their influence through out the country, and have contributed immensely to the development of the kingdom of Bikaner. A traveller visiting Bikaner has many facets to explore, be it experiencing the carefree life of the residents of the Old city, witnessing the rich artistic heritage of its various Havelis ; feeling the chills, as you learn about the raw chivalry of the soldiers and its rulers in the various museums of Fort and Palaces of Bikaner; exchange views and interact with locals in the various chowks (courtyards), mohallas (residences of communities) and the beautiful parks of the city. experience the camels and learn about these interesting Dinosaur look alike creatures.. At Udai Niwas, you have the opportunity to learn not only about the heritage and history but also about its economic, cultural, educational growth in your interactions with the family.


City of Thousand Havelis

The Walled city of Bikaner was where Rao Bika founded the Kingdom. It is a labyrinth of narrow lanes with clusters of houses of various communities and interesting markets and a laid back attitude of its inhabitants. The traders of this city who brought the wealth of the world here, have been huge contributors to the social and economic well being of the city. Their love for art and architecture is reflected in series of beautiful Havelis with spectacular carved facades and temples that resemble a massive abode of God' instead of being just a place of worship..A Heritage walk through the city with a local amateur photographer taking you through its interesting markets, social gathering places, and temples giving you a very local and interactive experience of the city and its life will be an experience in itself. Udai Niwas supports amateur photographers and artists of the old city and interaction and local tours with them can be arranged. The Rampuria and Kothari Havelis, The Chai Patti, Mawa Patti, Bhujia Bazaar, Bada Bazaar,, churi bazaar, the Laxminath and Bhandashah Temples are places not to be missed amongst host of other places.

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Junagarh Fort

Initiated by the sixth ruler of Bikaner Maharaja Rai Singhji, the Junagarh Fort is a feat in itself. With high walls, a wet and a dry moat around the fort and two spectacularly fortified Gates, the fort is invincible from the outside and just as rich and regal from the inside. The series of Palaces and courtyards, The beautiful Halls of Public and Private Audience' the courtyards and special purpose halls reflect a mix Of Old Rajput Architecture with influences from the Mughals, the Deccan and the British over the years. Various art forms have been used in the fort like Stucco, wall paintings, inlay work, mosaic stones and lattice work. Karan Mahal, Anup Mahal, Phool Mahal , Badal Mahal and the Darbar Hall are some of the fine palaces that catch your eye. The museum at the Fort houses one of the largest & a fine collection of post medieval period arms and ammunition, the insignia of the Rathore Dynasty, an array of modes of transportations and their accessories, a gallery dedicated to the life and times of the most prominent of its rulers - Maharaja Ganga Singh ji, other artefacts & old paintings depicting the chivalry of its chieftains. You can learn more about the dynasty and the history of the kingdom from the family members of Udai Niwas who are also descendants of the same clan. There is also a gallery initiated by one of the princesses of Bikaner- Prachina. It showcases, the regal costumes and artefacts and potraits of the ruling family of Bikaner.

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The Regal Palaces

In the late 19th and 20th century as part of giving employment to residents of rural Bikaner affected by the Great Famine, a series of Palaces were built by Maharaja Ganga Singhji amongst them Lalgarh Palace with its three wings and a seris of courtyards is one of the most fascinating palaces in the country. Currently some parts of it are with two Hotel Chains and one part is used by the family to reside. It also houses the Shardul Museum reflecting the life and times of the three last rulers of the kingdom, Maharaja Ganga Singhji, Mahara Shardul Singhji and Dr. Maharaja Karni Singhji . Vijay Vilas Palace next door houses the Veterinary University and is equally an amazing architectural feat. Gajner Palace, the old hunting reserve of the royal family on the Bank of Gajner Lake and wild life Sanctuary also houses a Palace hotel and is a beautiful Get Away or a stop en-route Jaisalmer.

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The Royal Cenotaphs - Sagar

Sagar is the crematorium ground for the Royal Family and their immediate relatives. Cenotaphs were constructed for each ruler and his consorts, brothers and other family members. You get an insight on the architectural styles from the old Hindu Architecture to the latter ones influenced by Islamic Art. The older ones are made of Red and Yellow SandStone and the latter ones were made of White Marble. The site in all its quite aura is also a treat to the Camera..

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35 Kms outside the City lies a place that proudly calls itself the 8th wonder of the world. It is a temple dedicated to the Guiding Deity of Bikaner and its Royal Family.. Godess Karni. The temple is renowned the world over as a Rat Sanctuary where Kabas (as the local rats are called respectfully) live a harmonious live coexisting with the human world.

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Sri Kolayat ji - A Pilgrim centre

Kapil Muni- the exponent of Sankhya Darshan is supposed to have practised his penance at Sri Kolayat a small pilgrim centre about 50 Kms from the City. It is a small man made reservoir surrounded by Temples and Ghats on three side. A place thronged by locals and pilgrims alike. if you want to experience and learns the fine tenets and various philosophies of Hindu Beliefs, this is the place to be.. Udai Niwas can arrange a visit to Sri Kolayat ji with a learned scholar on a prior notice.

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Shiv Bari Temples

Shiv Bari Temples dedicated to Lord Shiva are on the way to the Camel Research Centre. about 6 kms outside the city. The Twin Temples are a treat to every visitor. The fortified walls, The Red Sand Stone Facade, The Pillared Mandapam, Domes and wall Murals, and the four faced Black Marble Lingam, A Yagya Shala and Gardens outside, the Temple complex is a spiritual experience in itself.

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Bhandashah Jain Temple

Bhandashah Jain Temple predates the kingdom's foundation and signifies, the importance of the Jain Business families in supporting the foundation and nurturing of the kingdom of Bikaner. The temple itself is simple from outside but has fascinating 500 years old murals and paintings on the walls inside giving insight into the life and times of various Tirthankars , the foundation of Bikaner and the various Business families that resided here. The temple has an interesting folk lore associated with it and it is believed that 40 MT of Pure Clarified butter was used in the foundation in place of water. The temple is dedicated to Lord Sumatinath , the fifth Tirtankhar of Jain Religion. It can be visited during the Heritage walk in the old city.

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National Research Centre for Camels

What Ships are to Seas, Camels are to the Desert... These Camels ere intrinsic part of human existence in the desert. As their transport or companion, Camels have been used for long as the most common means to cut through the desert . The culture of the region revolves around the camels and they are part of celebrations, festivals, marriages, music and dance, and day to day existence. The Research Centre is the only one of its kind in the country with four different breeds of camel being nurtured. There is also a museum dedicated to the camels. Bikaner army always had a camel mounted cavalry regiment which even today is part of the Border Security Force of the country.

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Gajner Wildlife Reserve

Gajner Wildlife Reserve is a small forested area near the Gajner Palace and Lake where a wide variety of Deers, Antelopes, Boars, fowls and reptiles thrive. Gajner Palace organizes Jeep Safaris in the park. The visit can be arranged on prior notice.

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Jorbeer Conservation Reserve

If you are a Bird enthusiast. This is one not to be missed place in Bikaner. A paradise for vultures, the place has been earmarked as a sanctuary for the Vulture. It is a place where caracass of dead animals were dumped and slowly the vultures began to inhabit it. The state government earmarked it as a reserve for these vultures and a lot of greenery has been developed and water bodies created for the wildlife to thrive. Thousands of Birds today inhabit this place and it virtually is a birder's haven.


Cafe' Indra

A small Cafe at the front of Udai Niwas, serving home baked cakes, muffins, cookies, Pizzas, Wraps, Burgers, and continental cuisine along with a variety of coffee teas and Shakes is open to the travellers and locals alike. The wood fired Pizza in the courtyard outside the Cafe dishes out amazing pizzas and Garlic Breads, cookies and muffins. The place is more than just a cafe with carefully curated music, Traditional Indoor Games and a variety of books to read for some quality family time.

Stories From Udai Niwas

The Host

Gaytri and Rishab your hosts had dreamt for a long time to create a small property in their ancestral home in Bikaner. Gaytri, who left her teaching career to pursue this love, has a fine sense of interiors and Guest Service, which gets reflected as soon as you enter the property. Rishab has more than 16 years experience in International travel industry that makes them a perfect couple to be your host while you are at Bikaner. Chitralekha, Rishab's mother and the owner of the property also stays here and you could chance upon a chat with her while you are there. Any traveler visiting Bikaner can expect a very personalised and niche service at Udai Niwas.